Camille Holvoet Hot Dog Tee


Product Description

Hot Dog!  It's always summertime when you're wearing this tee by Camille Holvoet; perfect to sport to a baseball game or picnic.  Camille's 'Hot Dogs' are drawn from her larger work "Favorite Foods" and reproduced as a six-color screenprint.

100% Cotton Tee, unisex 
Printed in Chicago, IL

About the Artist:
Camille Holvoet's (b. 1952, San Francisco, CA) work is deceptively sweet as her practice tends to draw on remembrances of life's anxieties and forbidden desires. Holvoet’s process is an endless discovery, in which – through repeatedly drawing in oil pastel her sacred objects: dessert, Ferris Wheels, and crossed eyes – the pressures of the past are relieved by the joy of the creative process. When Holvoet combines text with imagery, the resonance between the two is powerful as beautiful, vibrant renderings of cakes and pies are overwritten with recollections of nightmares, fears, frustrated sexual feelings, and religious doubt.

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