Mussel Shell Earrings


Product Description

These Mussel Shell Earrings are made from Alpaca. Alpaca is an alloy composed of copper, zinc, nickel and tin which give these earrings their silver hue. Using a wax casting technique allows each detail of the original form to be retained.

Silver ear wires

2½" L

Made in Cumberland Island, Georgia 

About the Artist: Gogo Ferguson grew up on Cumberland Island, Georgia, surrounded by nature. She transforms many of her natural findings into a truly exquisite line of jewelry cast in metals combined with precious and semiprecious stones, these designs are now collected around the world. She was recently honored by the High Museum in Atlanta with a retrospective of her work over 25 years. She designed the jewelry gifted to all the dignitaries at the G8 Summit on Sea island, Georgia and jewelry for the Atlanta Olympics. Gogo remains an active conservationist for the cultural and natural history on her beloved island, working closely with the Department of Natural Resources in Georgia for the protection of non game species.

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