Alpaca Dryer Balls

$10.00 - $30.00

Product Description

A natural, reusable fabric softener that will change your laundry forever. These alpaca dryer balls are hand-made one-by-one by a cooperative of skilled, female Peruvian artisans in collaboration with their local alpaqueros (alpaca farmers).

Lifetime of over 500 loads, eliminating the need for toxic, disposable dryer sheets.
Wool sensitivity safe. Wool and alpaca will not rub off on clothing.
Fair trade, ethically and humanely sourced, no animals are harmed in the gentle shearing of the alpaca wool.
100% biodegradeable - plant in garden or compost to release valuable nutrients.
Anti-microbial, 100% chemical free. White color is natural, made without chemical dyes.

Directions: place 3 alpaca dryer balls in dryer with regular load. Keep in dryer between loads.