Barnacle Brown: The Store of The Turtle and The Hound


Product Description

Barnacle Brown is a seafaring hound, but even he is surprised by the dangerous storm that sinks his boat and leaves him stranded in the ocean, far from home. Thank goodness he wore his life jacket! But there is no way that even a hound as brave as Barnacle Brown can swim through the ocean's waves and back to shore all by himself. Just when the pup fears all is lost, a friendly loggerhead turtle arrives to bring him safely back to the beach. One good turn deserves another so he promises to help Loggerhead Lou, his new friend, protect her vulnerable hatchlings on their own journeys to the sea. This sweet tale of helping those in need contains a fact sheet about loggerhead turtles and includes ways young readers can play a part in protecting this endangered species.

Hardcover: 24 pages