Dash Hoop Earrings


Product Description

Modern and minimalist, Dash Hoop Earrings are open-ended into a coiled circular hoop silhouette that threads through your earlobe. Very lightweight and perfectly balanced.

24k gold plated brass

2" Diameter     3/16" Dash Thickness

Handcrafted in recycled brass by artisans in Kenya using traditional techniques.

Meet the Artisans:
With a robust artisan economy, multigenerational ingenuity, deep cultural roots and impressive technical skill, there is an incredible amount of talent and beauty in Kenya. The artisan craft sector is the second-largest employer in economically developing countries, yet it is also one of the most marginalized, as sales are limited to local buyers. Through digital banking instead of a cash economy, plus accessibility to cell phones, Soko created a simple, commercially viable way to
connect local Kenyan artisans with the international market.