Undulation Sculpture


Product Description

Undulation is produced entirely by hand; free form and calculated sculpting methods using gravity and tools are applied to the glass during the hot forming process. Each piece is unique. Once cooled, the work is mirrored using a 5-step process that mirrorizes the interior of the vessel. Handblown, California.

Mirrored and Blown Glass w/ Bubbles
Dimensions - 12”h x 6”w x 4.5”d

About: Austin Fields, originally from Arlington, Texas, has consistently explored concepts of light, space, reflection and abstraction in her work as a fine artist, photographer, and glassblower.  She received her BFA in Glass & Sculpture from UTA in 2017 and has since relocated to Los Angeles where she is working as a glass artist and maker.
Austin thrives off of the controlled chaos of glass, sculpting and manipulating the material with a sensual and organic approach.Her work is informed by lightscapes and landscapes.