Hario V60 Coffee Dripper


Product Description

The world-renowned V60 dripper

The V60 has a conical shape for deeper layering of the coffee grounds, producing a rich umami flavor. The single large hole provides the ultimate freedom, pour the water quickly for a light flavor or slowly if you like your coffee rich. The exquisite ceramic dripper and the functional beauty of your V60 product create a stunning contrast between the traditional and the modern. Coffee scoop included. Designed and made in Japan.

Practical capacity of 1-4 cups 
About Hario: Founded in 1921, Hario has been manufacturing and selling heatproof glass since its inception. It is the only heatproof glass factory in Japan. The ingredients of heatproof glass (silica sand, borax, boric acid, alumina) are refined natural minerals. Only pure materials are used to make HARIO's heatproof glass; Salt is used to prevent bubbles in the products and strong metals are never used.