Hario V60 Glass Server


Product Description

This coffee server comes with measurement lines showing the amount needed for each number of cups, making it easy to brew the right amount.
Microwave safe with or without the lid. The V60 dripper can be kept on top of the server with the lid on for easy storage. Professional coffee flavor can be tasted at home. Heat-proof glass, microwaveable. Designed and manufactured in Japan.

Capacity: 600 ml / 2.5 cups

About Hario: Founded in 1921, Hario has been manufacturing and selling heatproof glass since its inception. It is the only heatproof glass factory in Japan. The ingredients of heatproof glass (silica sand, borax, boric acid, alumina) are refined natural minerals. Only pure materials are used to make HARIO's heatproof glass; Salt is used to prevent bubbles in the products and strong metals are never used.