Standing Alpaca


Product Description

This classic Alpaca is a well-designed treasure you’ll want to pass on for generations to come. Made from 100% ethically harvested, silky-smooth baby alpaca fur. Crafted by independent Peruvian artisans in a fair-trade environment. Because of their hand made nature, no two alpacas are alike. Great gift for adults and children.

Measurements are approximate - H: 20" x L: 12"/13" x W: 7"/8"


 * This is real and ethical fur. No animal cruelty was involved in the harvesting of this fur. 
 * Hand-stitched plastic bead eyes. Hand-stitched threaded mouth and nose.
 * Non-itchy, hypoallergenic, silky-smooth. Resistant to piling and matting. Water and stain resistant.
 * These are one-of-a-kind animals made with all-natural alpaca fleece, there are no synthetic dyes or synthetic fur.
 * Therapy animal, brings calm and joy into a space and into your everyday.